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How are gay expats who are on the BsAs gay scene finding Argentine men? I find them utterly confusing.

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For some reason they think that they are better than you BUT that is generally the arrogant attitude from most of the people here. As with most people here regardless of sexual preference I find that the arrogance level increases in direct proportion to one's social status read - how much money you have. Having said that I find that most gay men anywhere typically will have a significantly higher amount of "attitude" in general.

I know that I do While not a gay man, spent a lot of time on the scene with some of my best friends and in general, I feel sorry for anyone trying to date here. Straight men are bad enough, gay men take the hysterico and drama to a whole new level Your best bet is to try and meet a partner through a mutual friend - that will hopefully alleviate a lot of the BS. As far as meeting someone in a club - ugh. And gossip - lots and lots and lots of gossip. I mean, you know, I've found a couple of sweet guys who seem like they're really into you It's a bit different than in the US because, generally speaking, a gay guy in the states won't ever show you THAT much attention if he just met you.

Here the guys act like they want to marry you one day and then can't be bothered with you the next. Kai Kaelien said:.

Napoleon Registered Dec 23, Their young-ish though, early 20s I think and the German guy isn't out with his parents. The Venezuelan is out with everybody, I think. They're both tall and everyone in our group o' straighties likes them both, so I don't think that there's any drama with them.


Plus, they knew that they had a limited time frame anyway, so drama would have been a waste of a precious resource time. Before this, we also had a tall gay couple what is it with our extended group attracting tall gays? But the Argentine wasn't from Buenos Aires, but rather down south.

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So maybe the fact that he was from la provincia hence his nickname "El Corderito" , meant that they didn't have that much drama either. Also, when it's just one or two gay couples with a bunch of straights, I don't think that there's any of the jealousy factors that you might normally have, because no one is trying to steal their man and all of the girls are smothering both of them with love and attention.

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So maybe try to find someone from outside of the city and then hang out with a bunch o' straights when you do. Does that help? Experiences vary.

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I married an Argentine, but he is by far the cream of the crop. Activate it and enjoy all the exclusive features.

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